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Bully Busters

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Ms. Lisa VonDach, Guidance Counselor


The Bully Busters began in 2014.  It was a pure student initiative started by two fifth graders following a discussion in their classroom about how they might be able to improve their school.  The two students developed a plan, found a sponsor, and presented the idea to the Principal. The club's founding membership was 5 and it quickly grew to 44 students, all dedicated to the idea of eliminating bullying at MES.  The group provides brief talks to other students at all grade levels about what bullying really is, how to prevent it from happening, and how to report it should bullying occur.  The group also teams up with students who may have been bullied and connects with them every day to check on how they are doing and be a support for them.  In like manner, Bully Buster members do the same thing for those children who may show tendencies of becoming a bully.  These contacts have been very effective in reducing incidents of bullying at Memorial.

The club currently is open to fifth graders, but fourth grade students may soon be added.  

For details, contact Ms. VonDach at (863) 494-2736.