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Memorial Elementary School



Memorial is a Pre-K-5 school with a current enrollment of approximately 1,000 students.  

The original Memorial Elementary School was built in 1923 and its official name was The Memorial Grammar School.  The school was named in honor of the soldiers who served in World War I.  The original orientation of the building was facing Mills Avenue.  The spot is marked still by a line of palm trees along the sidewalk on Mills just outside the fence by the physical education field.  The classrooms located on Cypress were added in 1964 to deal with increased enrollment.  In 1985 the main part of the campus as it exists today was added and included the cafetorium, administrative offices, and additional classrooms.  The H-building was constructed in 2000 and now houses four of the nine third grade classrooms.  To keep up with the ever increasing M.E.S. student  population, the portables on Robert and Mills were set up in the winter of 2004 just after Hurricane Charley.






School Motto

As an MES Bullpup, I pledge to take responsibility for my actions, to be honest and fair at all times and to be actively engaged as a life-long learner and leader.





School Goal

It is the school's goal to develop a positive educational environment in which to achieve our mission by involving the children, their parents, and our community.

School Vision
To provide a rigorous and relevant education for all students through ambitious instruction.
The mission of Memorial Elementary School is to empower students to become life-long learners and leaders, while providing a safe, challenging, nurturing, and postitive educational enviroment.