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Christina Zolkos Staff Photo

I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology from Ohio University in Athens, OH in 1992.  GO BOBCATS!    I became certified to teach in Florida in Elementary Education and Biology Grades 6-12.  What a great time I have using my love of science in the classroom to help students learn about the world we live in! 


Having taught 4th Grade for many years, I appreciate the writing skills necessary for students to pass the FL Writes! test.  I also loved my years teaching Science Specials to Grades K-5 as I was able to ignite a passion for science in students of all ages.  And now I that I teach 2nd Grade, I am deeply devoted to my students' achievement at Memorial Elementary in Arcadia, FL.  We have a wonderful time learning the state curriculum and lessons for life, together. 


I was born and raised in southeastern Ohio and moved to Arcadia, Florida in 1998.  I am married to Michael Zolkos and have 3 daughters, Michaela, Abigail, and Isabelle.